The Odyssey of Desires

An ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Zi said that because of the six senses, people produce six consciousnesses and because of the six consciousnesses, they produce emotions. People hardly realise that emotions confuse them in regard to fundamental reality. Too much sensual pleasure in life is to make people lose the nature of humanity. Once lost, … Continue reading

Sparrow Tattoo

We got the same sparrow tattoo. To me, it is a celebration of my STORY BEHIND TATTOO project

Story Behind Tattoo Posters + Invitation cards

Story Behind Tattoo posters and invitation cards are printed! I am going to put them up in UAL colleges and send them to my friends tomorrow! I love them so much!

Sparrow Tattoo (work in progress)

Today, I tattoo a sparrow on F’s shoulder. After 2 hours, he said he can’t take it anymore…So…I have to do it next time LOL P.S  I am going to print STORY BEHIND TATTOO posters and invitation cards tomorrow!  

Love it or Hate it

Context/Dissertation/Love it/Hate it… Just start to design a poster for promoting my design piece [Story Behind Tattoo] project. I am planning to do this project, it’s something like [Give me your story; I give you a tattoo]. I am drawing my own poster; specialize on showing my dots and lines drawing/tattoo style; Let people see … Continue reading

What if Helvetica font on skin?

Love and Courage Helvetica Tattoo by Tattooist F Cheung, designed by me!

Choco’s Roses

To my dearest Choco, I wish this roses will last on your body forever.